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A Book Club In A Bag – A Smart Idea From The Richardson Public Library

In an ideal world, you would read the books that most interest you, and then discuss the ideas and implications of the book, with some of your closest friends.

A number of business leaders have tried such book discussions with their executive teams.  You know, everyone reads the same book, then discuss the book with the needs, challenges, and opportunities of their company in mind.

Well, last weekend. I was browsing through and checking out books from the Richardson Public Library.  (We moved from Dallas to Richardson a few months ago).  The parking lot was full, people were checking out stacks of books, and I browsed a while.  That’s when I found this display:

Richardson Public Library - BOOK baggle

This is a shelf full of book bags.  Each bag contains 15 copies of the same book, ready to check out.  It is a made to order, take-out book club in a bag.  (They call it a BOOK babble).

What a cool/smart idea!