Show up fully. Put on the right hat. And focus! – (A metaphor for some of that Zoom fatigue)

We shift too often, and too fast, from one hat to another.

What do I mean by “hat?”

I mean:

We wear our employee hat, and
We wear our team member hat, and
Our leader hat, and
Our partner hat, and
Our learning hat…

And then,
Our parent hat, and our…

We have too many hats that we have to wear.

And when we shift from one hat to another, and then another, and then yet another, well…  We feel overwhelmed.  And we forget what hat we are wearing when we are in the next meeting, or in the midst of the next conversation. Or tackling the next task.

For example, when we go from one Zoom meeting to the next, and then to the next, and yet again to the next, with no breaks in between, we are still thinking about what we were doing two Zoom meetings back.  And, thus, we are not fully present in THIS Zoom meeting.  Our mind is back there; in that meeting.

So, maybe we need a ritual.  Maybe, at the end of this one thing we are doing (this Zoom meeting; this conversation), maybe we need to take one hat off.  Even if it is metaphorical.

I think we need to remove our hat.

And, then, we think:  “what is the next hat I need to put on?”  And then, metaphorically, we put it on.

I present book synopses. I sometimes tell my audience something like this:

“Let’s all pause.  Let’s put that last Zoom meeting behind us.  Take that hat off.  Have you removed it?  OK, now, let’s put on our learning hats.  Ready:  put your hands over your head, and pull your learning hat on.  Now, let’s learn.”

Be sure you are wearing the right hat at the right time for the right meeting or task.

You want to be fully present for this Zoom meeting, this conversation, this…learning session.

Show up fully.  Put on the right hat.  And focus!

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