Escape Survive Mode; Design more time in Thrive Mode – Insight from John Kotter’s new book, Change

There is such uncertainty all around us.

We thought we were on the tail end of the COVID days.  We may not be.

And companies – entire industries – are struggling.

We are…pretty close to being scared all the time.

In restaurants, some close their doors on some days because…their workers do not show up, or quit. I’m reading that many places are seeing workers quit mid-shift.

How do you even talk about employee engagement when your employees are leaving; quitting; or so remote that you don’t even see each other like you once did…?

I have a book suggestion that might help…Change, Kotter

On Friday, Aug. 6, I will be presenting my synopsis of the new book by John Kotter:  Change: How Organizations Achieve Hard-to-Imagine Results in Uncertain and Volatile Times by John P. Kotter, Vanessa Akhtar, Gaurav Gupta.

John Kotter is something of the premiere change guru of the era.  This is not the first book I have read by him, or presented to our gatherings that he authored.

In fact, in our 23+ years of the First Friday Book Synopsis, this will be the sixth book by John Kotter that either I have, or my former colleague Karl Krayer has, presented.

In this new book, he keeps coming back to one theme over and over again:

We can’t live all of our time in SURVIVE mode.
We need to intentionally design more time – a lot more time – in THRIVE mode.

Because of external realities (like, COVID), and internal realities (like, Big Data that points out threats and deficiencies in an avalanche of repeated messaging), we are worried about survival nearly all the time.

And we can’t survive that way.

We need to intentionally focus on focusing on opportunities; not threats. This will put us into “dreaming up better days ahead, and better ways to do stuff” thinking much more often, enabling us to… thrive.

Don’t just survive; thrive.
Thrive; don’t just Survive.
That’s the key.

I think I’m a fan of the idea.


Aug. 6, 2021 FFBSIf you are available at 7:30 am (Central Time) on Friday, August 6, join us on Zoom for the August First Friday Book Synopsis.  I will present my synopsis of Kotter’s new book that morning. Click here for all the details: Change by John Kotter, et al., and Humble Inquiry by Edgar Schein & Peter Schein – for the August 6, 2021 First Friday Book Synopsis (On Zoom) – In our 24th Year

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