“Are we out of this yet?” No, I don’t think we are. – Three Suggested Guidelines for our Current Now

We may not know yet.

Recently, I was talking to a person who was wondering… “Are we out of this yet?”

No, I don’t think we are.

The issue, of course, was this:  are we really ready to fully return to “normal” after the COVID year+.

We want to be.  We want to go back to our networking gatherings, our public gatherings.

I want to return to public speaking in-person, rather than speaking to people through my computer screen.  (Although, I am so grateful that the technology made that possible when we most needed it).

But, as we read and hear of the rise and the strength of the Delta Variant, and the rise in hospitalizations, and the warnings that we are about to see another spike, and…and… I notice the people that are missing in the few gatherings I have attended, and the unease…

No, we are not quite ready to pretend it is over.  Because, it is not over.

Here are a few “suggested guidelines” that I came up with.  Your guidelines might be different.  But mine are:

#1 – Re-enter society and gatherings and events and restaurants and…as much as you feel comfortable doing so.  (I would probably add that you should do so only if you are fully vaccinated).


#2 – Do not rush those that are not ready.  If they do not feel ready; if they are uneasy; if they are missing, avoid any hint of criticism or guilt.  People have to move at their own pace in these still-precarious days.


#3 – Do the best work you can, in the ways that can work, until we do finally return to true normal.

And, by the way, that new, next true normal may be different from the old normal.  We really don’t know how things will go, do we?



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