Take-Aways from “Your Next Five Moves”

PATRICK BET-DAVID author of  Your Next Five Moves 

You will gain:

CLARITY on what you want and who you want to be.

STRATEGY to help you reason in the war room and the board room.

GROWTH TACTICS for good times and bad.

SKILLS for building the right team based on strong values.

INSIGHT on power plays and the art of applying leverage.

Take Aways 

  1. Always think beyond your first move. Anticipate how others will respond and deploy additional moves that can’t be counteracted.
  2. Subscribe to the Valuetainment YouTube channel for educational content.
  3. Take the personal identity audit at the back of the book to learn more about yourself. The goal is to have a breakthrough.
  4. Discover what role suits you best and who you want to be. Examples include being an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, CEO/Founder, support team member, solopreneur, influencer, salesperson. Find the path that allows you to use your unique talents with the best odds for the highest possible return, and that also fires you up.
  5. Before making a decision, start out with the “rule of three” by creating three different proposals for dealing with an issue. It will allow you to compare them against each other to have some sort of reference.
  6. When you lose, fail, or make mistakes, reflect on the situation and learn from it. Don’t lose the lesson. Great processors rarely repeat their mistakes.
  7. Look at life as a big list of mathematical problems to solve. For effective decision making, solve for X to isolate your problem.
  8. Don’t be afraid of friction. Friction is good. Whether in life or business, it takes both courage and skill to be direct with people.
  9. When running your business, do not compromise on speed, execution, or efficiency. Look for ways to compress your time frames.
  10. When selling, negotiating, or influencing, instead of thinking only about what’s in it for you, think about how to find wins for those you are working with.


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