What’s Wrong with Barnes & Noble’s Picture?

I was surprised today (2/28/2012) when I received an e-Mail with Barnes & Noble’s “top picks of this week’s new books.”

The list does not contain a category for “business,” nor do I see a single business book listed.

What’s wrong with this picture?  Is this just a bad week for them in the eyes of Barnes & Noble?

Like our other bloggers, I have a great appetite for business books.  They have become a passion, and I eagerly anticipate the publication of the best-selling list every Saturday morning the Wall Street Journal Weekend edition.

I think that not including a single business title in the “top picks” of the week is quite strange.  This is especially true when lists of top non-fiction books regularly include a number of best-selling business books.

Are you surprised that the list features “cookbooks” but no business books?

How do you interpret this omission?  Does it say more about Barnes & Noble, or about the status of business books?

Let me hear from you!  Let’s talk about this really soon.

Here is the list that they distributed, with categories in blue:

Hot New Fiction
Lone Wolf


Trail of the Spellmans

Cinnamon Roll Murder

Ideas and Advice for You
Wishes Fulfilled

The Power of Habit

The Emotional Life of Your Brain

Let It Go

Compelling History

China’s Wings Kingdom During the Golden Age of Flight

Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith

Blackhorse Riders

New Biography & Memoir
House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East

The First Lady of Fleet Street


Burn Down the Ground

The Latest Romance
Redwood Bend

Witchful Thinking

The Darkest Seduction

Deadly Sins

New for Kids
Penny and Her Song

The Kane Chronicles Survival Guide


Power Play

New for Teens




New in Cookbooks
Hello, Jell-O!

Asian Tofu

Alain Ducasse Nature

Joy the Baker Cookbook




One thought on “What’s Wrong with Barnes & Noble’s Picture?

  1. kjkrayer Post author

    From Sandy Doyle Hunter:

    We were talking about that recently, but we were talking about their actual stores. Books for kids and teachers are taking up SO MUCH space in their stores that their selection in other sections is pitiful. They crammed the art/painting books and graphic design books into one dinky little section, for cryin’ out loud. Why can’t they just make bookstores for kids like they do furniture and clothes, so adults can have a decent selection?? The last three or four books I’ve gone there for, they’ve had to offer to order for me. And if I have to wait for it anyway, I’m going with Amazon, where I can get the same book for about 30% less!


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