For Those Who Love Books

A Book Lover’s Favorite Scene:

I was speaking in Edmond, Oklahoma yesterday.  At lunch, as I was checking my iPhone and another at our table was opening her MacBook, she said “quick, take a look behind you.”  Well, I looked, I saw, and this is what I saw:

Here were two young women, reading physical books, apparently because they simply love to read.  (Yes, I asked for their permission to take these photos).

There is hope.

One thought on “For Those Who Love Books

  1. Frances Pelley

    Great briefing on Fierce Leadership in Edmond yesterday. I especially liked the mention of your favorite all time books and must reads woven into the presentation on Susan Scott’s earthy read.
    I just opened my Ipad for the first time this morning and my 26 year old son had loaded only one book so far (Winnie the Pooh) and I could hardly put it down–the pictures were vivid and brought back memories of reading aloud to him night after night through so many classics. Another reason to hope.


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