Rework, for May, for the First Friday Book Synopsis

How do you choose your books for the First Friday Book Synopsis?

I’m asked this question all the time.  And there is no good/easy/simple answer.  But I have a master list of all the books that we have presented, and at the end (it’s just a very, very long Word document) I have pages of “possible” titles.  Whenever I hear of any book, read about any book, read a review of a good book, see a new book on a best-seller list, it gets added to the “possibles” portion of this master document.  (By the way, of all the items in my computer, this one document may be the one I would most hate to lose.  Yes, I do back up!  I learned to do that the hard way.).

We try to choose books that are useful, published by known publishers, either on, or have the chance of being on, best-seller lists.  (We haven’t done many finance books).  And then, it’s simply our choice.  I choose books that I think I will like, and Karl Krayer chooses books that he thinks he will like.

For May’s First Friday Book Synopsis, I am going to present Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.  Bob Morris has posted about this book a number of times on our blog, including his review of it here, and this post: Long lists don’t get done.  Karl is still deciding on his book for May.

And – PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY TIP:  go right now to this web site, provided by 37 Signals, the company started by the authors of Rework, and set up an account.  It’s free.  It’s fast.  You can immediately begin using their on-line list making marvel, Ta-da Lists.  I promise you, you will like it – immediately!

Anyway, yes, you can recommend a book to me – and no, I do not promise that I will choose to present it.  But I might.  And I appreciate all suggestions.

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