“The World is Full of Lost Light” – We grieve for the lost children of Uvalde

Child cases haunted you. They hollowed you out and scarred you. There was no bulletproof vest thick enough to stop you from being pierced. Child cases left you knowing the world was full of lost light. Michael Connelly, City of Bones (a Harry Bosch novel) ——————– I can’t stop thinking about the children lost, and Read More

What Groups/Communities are you a part of? Is one of them a Learning Community? – (These two book clubs could be useful)

We are made for human connection, aren’t we? Regardless of what we do, where we live, what we are interested in, we are people who need people (thanks, Barbra Streisand). No matter what the activity — from bowling, to hunting, so sports teams, to quilting groups, to work projects – the glue that ties it Read More

Waiting for it to reach crisis point…is a crisis – With Insight from Dan Heath and Jane McDonigal

When you spend years responding to problems, you can sometimes overlook the fact that you could be preventing them. We put out fires. We deal with emergencies. …we never get around to fixing the systems that caused the problems. The US health care system is designed almost exclusively for reaction. It functions like a giant Read More

My synopsis of The Accommodation: The Politics of Race in an American City by Jim Schutze, is Today, Thursday, May 19, 12:30 pm, over Zoom – Come Join Us – (And, here is my synopsis handout)

A special encouragement to attend today on Zoom: The book The Accommodation is a classic book on racism in Dallas. And this classic book has special implications for this week, as we cope with another racist-based mass shooting; this one in Buffalo. Seriously, this synopsis today will help you think through some important and critical issues. Please Read More

Maybe call it the Empathy/Human Concern Gap? – A Leadership Reflection — Part 2

First of all, not all leaders are good leaders. Jocko Willink, Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual ——————- More on the empathy/human concern gap… (Read part 1 here). The business literature has no shortage of books describing the personal traits of individual leaders who were great at getting results…but, were quite a jerk in the Read More