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Cowlishaw’s List of Sports Books is Intriguing

I enjoy listening to Tim Cowlishaw in Dallas every afternoon on 103.FM.  He is a prominent columnist and reporter for SportsDay in the Dallas Morning News.TimCowlishawPicture

Today, I saw that he published his list of the top 50 sports books, in an article entitled “By My Reading…” (March 15, 2015, p. 14C)  Click the link here and you will see an interactive page that explains why he believes that a book belongs on the list, and what it contributes.

Cowlishaw is a veteran sports reporter in the DFW area.  He also appears on the ESPN national television program “Around the Horn.”  He joined the Dallas Morning News in 1989.  He has been a beat writer for the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Stars.  Today, he focuses his work on daily columns.

Drunk on Sports CoverIn 2014, he published his own book, Drunk on Sports (Vigliano Publishing), in which he detailed his struggles and victory over alcoholism.


It was fun to look at Cowlishaw’s list of books.  If I were making such a list, I would include Men at Work by George Will (Easton Press, 1990).  That book explained the game day business of baseball better than anything I have ever seen.  It convinced me, as well as others, that baseball is not “boys at play.”



I was amazed how many of the books I had read, and even saved.  My favorites off his list were:

  • Ball Four by Jim Bouton (Dell, 1971)
  • Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn (Harper and Row, 1972)
  • Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger (De Capo Press, 2000)
  • Eight Men Out by Eliot Asinof (Holt, 2000)
  • Moneyball by Michael Lewis (W.W. Norton, 2004)
  • Cosell by Howard Cosell (Playboy Press, 1973)
  • Instant Replay by Jerry Kramer (World Press, 1968)

Cowlishaw did a good job of selecting and explaining why these books were prominent in a very concise way.

After reading it, I wanted to go out to the garage and see if I can pull out some of these.  Some would be yellowed, tattered, and torn.

Of course, I would have to find them first.

We rarely get any comments on our blog posts.  But, I am interested to see if you would add or subtract any sports books from his list after you look it over.



What You Do Actually Matters – Consider Nolan Ryan’s Leadership

The Texas Rangers just won their division, and are preparing for the playoffs.  (Go, Rangers!).  They also just set a season attendance record for the franchise.

Ruth and Nolan Ryan at a Rangers game (alongside a fairly well-known former managing partner)

So, a lot of good things are going on with the Rangers.  A key reason is the leadership of Nolan Ryan.  On Fox Sports Southwest broadcasts of the Rangers’ games, a regular feature is Ryan being interviewed from his seat in the stands during an inning of the game.  His insights are valuable, and honest.

But in this article, Nolan Ryan eyeing Rangers single-season attendance record, here is one hint about him and his leadership that speaks volumes:

Ryan and his wife, Ruth, make it a point to sit outside, next to the Rangers dugout, to experience the same conditions as everyday fans.

Ryan thinks the Rangers would have had many more fans if we had not had the hottest summer on record.  (Maybe an additional 150,000 – “This heat wave we’ve had this year, it wouldn’t surprise me if it affected our attendance by 150,000 folks, and those are real numbers”).  But the heat did not change his decision – he sat with the fans, not in a luxury box that was air conditioned and more comfortable.

It really is Leadership 101.  What a leader does speaks at least as loud as what a leader says.