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“Success Is The Art Of Doing What Is Obvious;” And, “Give ‘Em A Show” – Two Lessons From 60 Minutes

I caught 60 Minutes last night.  They had a story on Brazil, and a profile of Jerry Jones.  Here are excerpts:

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva -- "Lula"


From the segment on Brazil:

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva walked into the President’s office. Known simply as “Lula,” he is a former metal worker with a fourth-grade education — and a doctorate in charisma.

Lula told Kroft he has “found out something amazing.”

“The success of an elected official is in the art of doing what is obvious,” Lula said. “It is what everyone knows needs to be done but some insist on doing differently.”

Jerry Jones shows off his stadium

From the segment on Jerry Jones:

His dad, Pat Jones, had show business in his blood. Selling groceries, he wore a white cowboy suit and a Stetson. In the middle of his store was the coolest entertainment technology of the day – a disc jockey broadcasting on radio. Customers loved it.

Little Jerry caught on quick – give ’em a show. Better yet, make it a spectacle.

And here are the two lessons.

Lesson number one:  success is all about “the art of doing what is obvious.” These words by Lula, the outgoing President of Brazil, are profound, brilliant, yet so very simple.  There are so many other examples of this wisdom.  We talk about “keeping it simple.”  It may not be easy – but it is obvious.

Lesson number two:  “give ‘em a show.” Describe it any way you want:  entertain; engage; make it “amazing.” Good advice for speakers, and good reminders that everything you do matters almost as much as anything you do…