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HumanocracyI am deep into my reading of the new book by Gary Hamel, co-authored by Michele Zanini:  Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them (just published this month).  I will present my synopsis of this book at the Sept. 4 First Friday Book Synopsis (on Zoom).

This is a very good, and important book.

The problem they are tackling is this:  organizations have a tendency – an almost inescapable tendency – to add layer after layer of bureaucracy, thus squeezing the initiative, the innovation, the very passion out of the vast majority of people within the organization.

I have long been a fan of Gary Hamel’s A Hierarchy of Human Capabilities at Work.” He wrote about this in his book What Matters Now.  And I wrote about this a few years ago in this post: Moving Folks from “Obedience’ to “Passion” – Gary Hamel’s Six Levels of Human Capabilities at Work.

Here is his hierarchy (start at the bottom, and move up):

Level 6:  Passion
Level 5:  Creativity
Level 4:  Initiative
Level 3:  Expertise
Level 2:  Diligence
Level 1:  Obedience

After Sept. 4, I will have presented synopses of all three of these books by Gary Hamel, and his co-authors

After Sept. 4, I will have presented synopses of all three of these books by Gary Hamel; two with co-authors.

He says that when people are just hired, if they are good employees, they start out with obedience, and then they move up one layer at a time.  The world changes when you get to level 4.  Now they are more and more self-directed, self-starting innovators.

This is what you want!

In this new book, he changes Level 6 from Passion to Daring.  I like that.   But the real point of this book is that the way organizaitons set up and grow into ever-larger bureaucracy, they squeeze the initiative, and crestiviy, and daring, right out of folks.

And, this is costly – costly to the bottom line, to society, and to the much better future that could be.

The authors point to a different way forward.  That way is found not in bureaucracy, but in Humanocracy.

This is a needed, and important message.

——————Hamel, Humanocracy

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