More Thoughts about Race Last Month

     Last month, when I watched the First Friday Book Synopsis online, it appeared to me that there were a lot of attendants who thought that there is something that people can do to change the mind of another person about race. At that time, I believed that any effort do this would be futile.
     In a post that I moderated from many respondents last week, I found that there are a lot of people who wrote that they want people to change someone’s belief, and others who think that they should. What is still missing though is how to do it. After reading many comments on this topic, I am not satisfied about how people want do this.
     I thought about how do this, although the method is not satisfying. I abhor the idea that people cannot change their mind by their own free will. Those efforts are wrong, unethical, and in some cases, illegal. There is a difference between what is persuadable versus coerced.
     It appears to me that the one way to change a person’s mind is to inundate them by with verified facts, statistics, and stories. In essence, this strategy is to wear people down, where they will tire of it, and will eventually change their mind.  They quit.  They stop defending the position.  To them, it is easier to just to give up.
     A good example of this goes back to the Rodney King incident. Notice at that time, attorneys played the famous beating tape many times, at different speeds, so that eventually the jury would no longer see the crime was not nearly so bad. Ultimately, this strategy resulted into an acquittal. In that way, how many times have you seen someone try to get a person many times to believe in a specific religion. Or maybe, the best scene is from “12 Angry Men,” where one person single-handedly convinced a jury that a black young teen should be found not guilty.
     As you know me, this strategy this is not what I want people to do. As I finish this post, I still do not see how anyone can change the person’s mind about race. If there is a strategy that works, you are welcome to post it in the response area, and I will share it with everyone.

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