You are invited to hear my “Virtual Speech” today on Leadership – at noon

Hey everybody. If you need a break, you can click over to hear me give this speech today just after 12:00 noon. It is for the Rotary Club of Park Cities, and, or course, it is an on-line speech.  They are opening up the stream to any and all.

This is the link to click oin at 11:55:

I assume that this link will show the live stream.  (I am not much of a Facebook Live person).  Note:  there will be some Rotary Club business, and then I will speak.

Kathleen Klaviter, a frequent participant at our First Friday Book Synopsis events, and a member of the Rotary Club of Park Cities, has arranged all of this.

If you have attended any of my events, you know I speak with handouts.  This is a speech, not a book synopsis.  I might call it my “greatest hits; stories snd lessons” from a number of business books.  So, at the bottom of this post, yoiu will see my- simple-design-format handout.  You can click on it, print it out, and follow along with pen in had.

(If you have not read this blog post from a day ago, please read it: Remote Learning 101 – Read this before attending your learning session.

Here are the details of today’s event, from Kathleen’s e-mail to members of the club:

I am so excited about our first virtual club meeting to kick-off at Noon tomorrow.  I will introduce our speaker Randy Mayeux in support of our Leadership Development strategic priority.  Randy is a dynamic speaker, author and co-founder of the First Friday Book Synopsis for over 20 years!  He will bring the best of insights and lessons learned from leaders in all walks of life.

Here’s the complete title of his talk to entice you further:

Leadership Lessons: From Birmingham to the Fabulous Forum; from the Christmas Eve Watch to the Women’s World Cup; from the Boardroom to the Rooftops of Ramadi — These leadership lessons draw from numerous leadership books, with lessons learned from Martin Luther King, Jr., Coach Phil Jackson, Abby Wambach, retired General Jim ,Mattis and former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, among others.. 

Log on at 11:55 a.m.: we start at Noon


Here is the speech outline/handout.  Click on the image for a full, printable version.

Click oni image for full printable view

Click oni image for full printable view

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