Announcing the Business Book Synopsis of the Month Club

Do you remember the “Book of the Month” club days?  You would join, and each month, the Business Book Synopsis of the Month Club Flyer copyclub would send you their carefully chosen selection for the month.

Well, it’s been a lot of years since I was a member of that club.  But I loved getting one book a month; and I actually read a large number of the selections. There were some great authors. The books genuinely expanded my horizons.  They were…wonderful!

I’ve got a modern day version to offer you:

Join the
Business Book Synopsis of the Month Club

Here are the elements of this new club:

#1 — Randy Mayeux will pick one book synopsis each month.  He has a few to choose from:  Randy has presented over 300 synopses of valuable business books since 1998 – at the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas.

Yes, he will pick the selection.  You’ll have to be “surprised.”

#2 – Randy will e-mail you the synopsis handout, plus the audio recording of his presentation delivered at the monthly First Friday Book Synopsis event.

#3 – His e-mail will include a brief introduction; possibly a blog post he has written.  And, of course, a folder with the two files; the pdf of the synopsis handout, and the audio recording.

And, #4 – Each e-mail will include a bonus second synopsis handout (handout only; without the audio this time) of a book that compliments and reinforces the selection for the month.

The cost:  $5.00 per month.  (You can buy one year’s worth for $50.00, and get two month’s free).  How to pay:  each e-mail will include a link to send the $5.00 payment through PayPal. (Let’s consider it like an “honor system”).

Sign up now.  Send Randy an e-mail with this in the subject line: “Sign me up for the monthly synopsis club.”

And, every person who signs up will receive an “extra” synopsis:  my synopsis of Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.


  • Can I still purchase synopses of the site? Of course!  This is just an added way to learn from the synopses presented by Randy Mayeux.  But, you won’t have any user name or password to enter in any web site.  Just open the folder, and start reading and listening.
  • Can I share this with others? Yes – Randy gives you permission, with the hope that the recipient(s) might decide to join the monthly club.

Randy Mayeux
First Friday Book Synopsis, Dallas, TX


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