Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell; and The Optimist’s Telescope – Coming for the October 4 First Friday Book Synopsis

The First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas — is a book club where you don’t have to read the book!


Announcement:  Malcolm Gladwell has a new book!

You almost want to shout that out, don’t you?!  A new Malcolm Gladwell book ranks right up there with a new Daniel Silva book – you want to read it the day it hits!

I have presented synopses of four earlier books by Malcolm Gladwell:  The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, and David and Goliath.  (His other book, What the Dog Saw, is actually a collection of his essays from the New Yorker; not quite a “book book”).

So, now, a new book from Gladwell.  I’ve already read one not-so-favorable review.  But, even in that review, you can still tell what makes Gladwell so very valuable.  He is a superior story teller.  And that skill makes for wonderful reading.  And, maybe, it is ok to argue within oneself with some of Gladwell’s lessons and n conclusions about those stories.

I will be presenting my synopsis of Talking to Strangers, his new book, at the October 4 First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas.  I can’t wait!

In addition, I will present my synopsis of another new book The Optimist’s Telescope. It sounds terrific!

This morning, just under 100 people gathered for our September session.  We are in our 22ndyear of these book-centered synopsis gatherings.  If you are in Dallas on October 4, come join us.  (You will be able to register soon from this web site).

Here is the flier with all the details. Share it around.  Bring a friend, or two.  After all, there is always the next new thing to learn!

Click on image for full printable view

Click on image for full printable view


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