Two Foundations, and a warning – Master these and be a better public speaker

(When I don’t have time to write blog posts, it is because I am obligated elsewhere – away from my computer. — So…busy days…).

But here is a quick thought about speaking.  Tomorrow, I am leading my Executive Public Speaking Workshop. So, this is on my mind.

public speakingLet’s think about the elements of effective speaking.  Assuming that you have good content (and, yes, I teach about how to work on content during my workshop), then I think you have to master the following to deliver a good speech.


#1 – First, get your voice right.

Be loud enough to be heard easily – work on your projection.

Be easy to understand – work on your enunciation.

Speak with the appropriate tone – Whatever else, make it an engaging tone.



#2 – Second, get your body – your face, and gestures, and full body movements — right.

Engage your audience with your facial expressions.  Make much eyeball to eyeball contact.

Use plenty of gestures – lots and lots and lots of gestures.

Move your body.  Move around a little.  But, do not pace. And the closer you can be to your audience, the better.


#3 – A warning: Be wary of slides. 

If you use slides, make sure they are easy to see, and truly add to your message. Your slides are not your presentation.  They are aids to your presentation.

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There is much more to learn.  But, remember these simple foundations, master these, and you might become a better speaker.

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