Hyatt’s Reasons for Reading on Paper Instead of on a Screen

Michael Hyatt wrote Platform in 2012a book that we presented at the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas.

He also is a former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, for which he aggressively launched an e-Book and digital business.  He now works with online content services.

Despite his history, in a recent post, he gives four scientific-based reasons that reading on paper is superior to reading on a screen.   They deal with:

  • memory
  • comprehension
  • distraction
  • engagement

Michael HyattYou can click here to read the entire article, including his rationale for each point.

I won’t repeat my arguments about e-Books.  They are all available in my blog posts at

But, it’s good to see someone who has lived on the digital side give reasons why the paper side is superior.

One thought on “Hyatt’s Reasons for Reading on Paper Instead of on a Screen

  1. Randy Mayeux

    And he ends with this — a reminder that it is not “either/or.” — Mr. Hyatt reads in both formats. Here’s his next to last sentence:

    “But I’m also going to keep buying print books for the four reasons I discussed above. It’s not either/or. It’s both/and.”


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