Book Lists to Ponder – More Titles to Add to Your “One of These Days” Reading Stack

I don’t read much fiction.  I should – I know.  But I don’t.  But, one of these days…

Anyway, here are some books lists for book lovers.  Many of the titles are fiction.  Some are non-fiction.  So many books, so little time…

From Esquire:

The Reading List: 10 Essential Books for Life
Manhood, America, sports, politics, sex. These are the subjects men should know — and these are the authors who can teach you.


The 75 Books Every Man Should Read (this one includes The Grapes of Wrath — if you have never read it, or, if you only read it after it was assigned years ago in school, it’s time!)…
An unranked, incomplete, utterly biased list of the greatest works of literature ever published. How many have you read?

and, a list of books by women authors that every man should read…

250 Books By Women All Men Should Read (this one includes Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek; if you’ve never read Dillard, it’s past time! – check out her The Writing Life; it’s not just about writing)…
with this introductory paragraph:

Esquire made reposted a slide show of 75 books all men should read. The books are mostly fantastic and the headline phrasing didn’t much bug us. After all, Esquire is a men’s magazine and has always been marketed as such. The problem was that the list was all male writers, save for lone lady Flannery O’Connor. This really does imply that men don’t/can’t/shouldn’t read women and we were pretty sure that wasn’t the case among readers. We were also sure that part of the editorial reason for making such a list this way was to generate a response, so here it is. Over Memorial Day weekend we asked Joyland readers, editors, and contributors to come up with a list of 75 Books By Women All Men Should Read. We received over 250 suggestions in two hours. We think the below is a seriously devastating list of great books all men should read. Thank you everyone who took part via Facebook and Twitter. We had to format many different kinds of responses so let us know if we made a mistake with your selections. Also please, keep the talk going in the comments and everywhere else. — Emily Schultz and Brian Joseph Davis, publishers of Joyland


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