The Starfish and the Spider – and the Tea Party

Andrew Sullivan wrote about this here.

The book The Starfish and the Spider has cropped up a few times on this blog.  And I have already written about the Tea Party’s use of both this book and the Saul Alinsky classic, Rules for Radicals, in this post: Saul Alinsky + The Starfish and The Spider – Wisdom for a New Generation, on both sides of the Aisle.

Sullivan includes this video from Jonathan Rauch of the National Review.  Though this is primarily a political observation, it is certainly filled with insight for building networks in this new era of the “leaderless” organization.

Take a look. It’s short, and very descriptive.  (I’ve tried to embed it in this post, and have not succeeded.  You’ll need to click on over.  It is right at 2 1/2 minutes — and worth the time . Click here.).

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