Our Future Depends on…Creativity – Insight & Challenge from Richard Florida

I am deep into The Great Reset by Richard Florida, which I am presenting this Friday at the First Friday Book Synopsis.  I am thinking, pondering, and wondering just what the future after the current Great Reset will be like.

Mr. Florida is chronicling his “predictions” on the Atlantic site.  (See the list of topics here – they are worth reading).  Here is a paragraph from one of his recent posts, Where the Creative Class Jobs Will Be:

At bottom, a jobs strategy needs to start from a fundamental principle: That each and every human being is creative and that we can only grow, develop, and prosper by harnessing the full creativity of each of us. For the first time in history, future economic development requires further human development. This means develop a strategy to nurture creativity across the board – on the farm, in the factory, and in offices, shops, non-profits, and a full gamut of service class work, as well as within the creative class. Our future depends on it.

“future economic development requires further human development.”  Reading, thinking, learning in every way possible – this may be the only path to a prosperous tomorrow.  We call the folks who gather at the First Friday Book Synopsis a community of learners – because life-long learning is now a job and life skill that is no longer optional.

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