Where Have All The Phone Books Gone?

Carson and Kreskin together

I remember the night that I saw The Amazing Kreskin on Johnny Carson. (Actually, I saw him quite a few times on the Carson show).  On this night, he brought two people to the stage from the audience.  He gave them each a copy of the big, really thick New York City White Pages.  He had them each open the book to any page they chose – they were sitting across the stage from each other.  He had them each read a name (I don’t remember – lets’ say the 15th name on the page).  They were on the same page – they read the same name.  He then turned to the classified ads from that morning’s newspaper, and he had placed an ad that said, “Tonight, on the Johnny Carson show, two people will read this name from the New York City White Pages:  ____________.”


That was the first thing I thought of when I read this from the New York Times:  White Pages May Go Way of Rotary-Dialed Phone by Patrick McGeehan:

The digital age may claim another victim.
The residential White Pages, those inches-thick tomes of fine-print telephone listings that may be most useful as doorstops, could stop landing with a thud on doorsteps across New York later this year.

Have I used the White Pages lately?  Probably not in at least five years — maybe much longer than that.  Nor have I used the Yellow Pages.  In fact, I don’t even know if I have a current copy (or an old copy) of either.

Just another sign of the times, sign of the changes…

I wonder what Krekin’s best bit is now…

One thought on “Where Have All The Phone Books Gone?

  1. omgmoments

    My yellow page books go from front door when dropped off into recycle bin in one trip. Haven’t used one for years. Along with a phone booth. Although I did see a phone booth in the movie ‘Crazy Heart’ with Jeff Bridges.


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