If You are “In Transition” in Dallas (and elsewhere) — check these out

If you are “in transition” in the Dallas area, let me encourage you to check out this web page by Lauren Babis, Unemployed in Dallas.  Lauren lists a number of regularly scheduled events in the Dallas area that might be helpful to you.

And if you are looking for a blog that speaks to your issues with regular, helpful posts, check out Doug Caldwell’s blog here.


Note:  Though the First Friday Book Synopsis is not a networking event designed for those “in transition,” we always have a few people who attend who are in that chapter in their lives.  Here’s how Lauren Babis describes our event:

First Friday Book Synopsis
This is not a resource for the unemployed, so it costs money. On the positive side, most people you meet here have jobs which is really good for networking. Plus you get “cliff’s notes on steroids” of two business books and a really good breakfast.

One thought on “If You are “In Transition” in Dallas (and elsewhere) — check these out

  1. omgmoments

    Thanks for the plug, Karl & Randy. You provide a venue of events not offered elsewhere in the metroplex which makes this community a great place to work & live. And you guys save me a lot time for job searching [as I am seriously unemployed…serious about finding my best next opportunity] be reading books for me.


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