You will find many excerpts of our presentations on youtube

We have videos.

You can purchase many of our synopses, with handout + audio (MP3 files) at our companion web site,  These are the complete First Friday Book Synopsis presentations.

But thanks to Doug Caldwell, you can see excerpts of many of our more recent presentations (it goes back a couple of years) on the “First Friday Book Synopsis Playlist” at youtube.  Doug tapes our presentations, edits them down to shorter “excerpts,” and puts them on youtube.

Here is the video excerpting my presentation of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell:

Here is my colleague Karl Krayer at a recent First Friday Book Synopsis, welcoming folks and explaining the concept of the event:

(By the way, we link to Doug’s blog on our blogroll, which you will find on the right side of this page.  He frequently blogs about career transition issues, among other subjects).

So, check out our youtube playlist — and, thanks Doug.

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