Coming Soon from Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Enchantment: How to Woo, Influence, and Persuade.

OK – Now we have an outline/complete table of contents (in process) of a new book, on-line, from a terrific author, before it is fully finished, before it is available for sale, asking for input from the entire universe.

It is from Guy Kawasaki, and I have presented two of his previous books, The Art of the Start and Reality Check {Bob Morris’ choice for the best business book of 2008)  at the First Friday Book Synopsis.  (My synopsis for The Art of the Start is available for purchase on our companion website,  The book title:

The Art of Enchantment:  How to Woo, Influence, and Persuade.

Read the current version of the table of contents here.

This is impressive!

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