Some Places To Keep Current With The Folks At First Friday Book Synopsis

Doug Caldwell keeps telling me that I’ve got to get better at all this social networking.  It comes more naturally for some than others.  I acknowledge the obvious — I’m something of a Luddite.  But I’m working on it.

So — here’s a little…

Yes, I’m on twitter.  You’ll find me as Randy1116, and you can follow me here.  (I’m still learning about what it means to tweet, and how to do it effectively — but there’s usually a few tweets a week from me).

I try to put the title of the next book I’m preparing up on my LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

And Doug Caldwell posts new videos from our First Friday Book Synopsis gatherings, and our Take Your Brain to Lunch gatherings, up on youtube and other sites.  Thanks, Doug.

Here’s the First Friday Book Synopsis youtube page.

You can get a taste of Take Your Brain to Lunch here.

But, of course, my primary attention is given to this blog.

And, don’t forget Bob Morris’ main page at Amazon.

Thanks to all of you for reading.

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