Maybe the best line I have read in a book in the last decade, or so – from Twyla Tharp, The Collaborative Habit

As a choreographer, my task is to make the best possible work with the dancers I find in the room on any given day. Twyla Tharp:  The Collaborative Habit:  Life Lessons for Working Together ———————— (Too much speaking; not enough blogging recently.  Sorry for the absence). ———————— I quoted the line again this past week, Read More

Here is the list of New York Times’ Best Selling Business Books for October, 2019 – Dare to Lead by Brené Brown is still at #1

The New York Times has published its October, 2019 list of best selling business books.  Brené Brown is still at the top of this month’s list with her influential book Dare To Lead.  I presented my synopsis of this book at the January, 2019 First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas.  That will tell you how Read More

Call Sign Chaos by Jim Mattis; The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek – Coming for the Nov. 1, 2019 First Friday Book Synopsis

We had a memorable and insightful session at this morning’s First Friday Book Synopsis  (Oct., 2019).  I presented my synopses of two really good and provocative books:  the new book by Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know, and the excellent book The Optimist’s Telescope: Thinking Ahead Read More

Digital Transformation by Thomas Siebel – Here are my six lessons and takeaways

“Urgent doesn’t begin to describe the insights contained in Tom Siebel’s Digital Transformation. His combination of historic perspective and an incisive approach to the specific technologies reshaping our world should be essential reading for any leader.” Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google Inc. Digital Transformation is the guidebook every business and government leader needs to Read More